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My wife and I have always been fascinated by the mountains. As a passionate skier this is nothing special. Nevertheless, we have always been attracted to the breathtaking winter landscapes in the ski areas. This may sound a bit cheesy, but the mountains are a haven for us. A place where we could completely leave everyday life behind us.

When we welcomed our child around the world, we thought long and hard about how we could bring the beautiful mountains closer to him. It was our desire to own something, so it does not feel like vacation, when we are skiing again. In 2014, after much back and forth, we finally decided to build our own chalet. The own 4 walls at our dream place. From then on we spent both the summer and the winter holidays in the chalet in St. Georgen ob Murau.

At that time we decided to build the chalet in a residential area or in a so-called “chalet park”, so that one does not live in isolation during the stays. Because although the chalet is supposed to serve as a retreat, we still did not want to live in isolation when we were there during the holidays. In the Chalet Park Kreischberg there are many similar built chalets, which are of course always occupied during the holidays. This results in a nice neighborhood feeling.

Since we ourselves were so excited when our chalet was finally completed, the idea came to us to make such an experience possible for other families. For this reason, we decided to rent the chalet for certain times. We know the problems associated with renting a home or chalet. Often it is neither easy nor cheap to get proper sleeping and living opportunities. Not to mention the high season.

Since we rent the chalet but without intermediaries directly to you, the unnecessary bureaucracy falls away for you. We’ve teamed up with 7 other owners of chalets and are now setting up our own marketing and care for our chalets. The whole thing we put under the slogan “HOLIDAY AMONG FRIENDS”. Because our goal is to make it possible for you to have a relaxing holiday without many hurdles.

We are looking forward to your visit! Yuliya & Robert Kolar

Luxury Chalet Kreischberg 11a
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